Prematric Scholarship  Scheme(2012-13)
Govt. of Uttar Pradesh


Sr. Software module & Ver Purpose To be Done By Supported files
1 Data Preparation for Session 2012-13  (DataPreparation-1.0.exe)

Prepare Legacy Data for Current Session with Support of NIC  1. Help file
 2. Smsstructure.mdb


2 Student List Printing Module  (Sms_Print-1.0.exe)
Student List Generation for Verification of Students at School level District Welfare Officers  
3 Scholarship Master Data maintenance Ver 1.4 (ScholarMaster-1.4.exe)


For Preparation of   Master Data for Prematric and Postmatric Scholarship and Fee Reimbursement Scheme Social Welfare Officer  1. Help file 1.

2. Sch.mdb (New)

3. Help File.doc file 2. (New) 17/10/2012

4. Prematric Student Data Entry/Promotion/Deletion of Drop Outs/Data Merging /Report  Module (SMS_6.1.exe)


(Revised for SC Category 9-10 Students)

For Prematric Student Data Entry for Students of  SC/ST/OBC/ General/Minority/Scavenger category. District Welfare Officers 1. Help file for Ver 6.1
2. Religion.mdb

3. Help File for Ver 6.0

4. SMSMASTER.MDB (for Newly Created District)


6. Smsstructure_Suspect.mdb
(Used for Suspect Data Correction)

5 Prematric Demand Generation s/w  Ver 6.0
Prematric Demand Generation s/w  Ver 6.1
Last updated (14/03/2013) (Revised for SC Category 9-10 Students for 10 months)
Last updated (18/04/2013) (Revised for SC Category 9-10 Students -9 months) 
For Generation of Demand DIO NIC (After Verification of Data from welfare Officers) 1. Table Scripts
2. Help File
6 Data Uploading Utility
(Prematric & Postmatric)
For Uploading Processed Data on UP Data Server DIO NIC (After approval from Concern District Welfare Officers) 1.  .Net Framework 2.0
2. Help



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